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Is is often said that those who fail to plan actually are planning to fail. Amongst our clients there are those that need capital to provide a target income, others do not need income now but may in the future, higher rate or marginal rate taxpayers need to ensure that income or capital growth is not unnecessarily taxed. Those with assets (including their homes) jointly valued over £650,000 in 2016 and are concerned about the effects of inheritance tax at 40% on the remainder of their estate should plan NOW to avoid this.

So whether you need income or growth, are a cautious, middle of the road, or an aggressive investor and wish to take advantage of all of the new tax breaks (read more) that are relevant please take the time to read the following topics - we guarantee that your time will be well rewarded.

Your Financial Plan

It is often said that those failing to plan are actually planning to fail. After all you wouldn't set out on a journey without planning a route and in many ways your financial well-being is in fact a long journey that may ultimately also encompass your children and grandchildren.
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Tax Breaks

The UK Taxation System is one of the world's most complex and without expert assistance many UK Taxpayers miss out on valuable concessions and allowances. Unless you are a trained tax expert it is likely that you will miss out and pay unnecessary taxes.
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Inheritance Tax Planning

Often described as the 'Voluntary Tax' as with planning this discriminatory 40% 'Death Tax' can be avoided by using legitimate existing rules. You may have seen this headline recently in the Telegraph following the Duke of Westminister's untimely death. 'Inheritance tax, and how the Dukes of Westminister avoid it on their £9bn fortune' the type of schemes used by the Duke are available and are being used by our clients.
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Investment facts Risks and Rewards

With interest rates near to 0% getting the best return on your capital, pension funds and other investments has rarely been more important. Ignoring scary headlines put out by the press from time to time what are the real facts concerning long term savings and how might you benefit.
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Corporate Investments

Many companies hold excess cash deposits that are surplus to immediate requirements and currently pay tax annually on this small return. An in depth look at your cash strategy can pay surprising dividends.
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MIDAS Strategy

This is a unique AC Financial investment strategy developed over the years identifying potentially undervalued investment sectors - selling on recovery and recycling into further value areas.
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