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A financial plan designed for your needs and objectives should be created based on the following:

  • Your specific objectives – this could be income now or later, capital growth, tax savings, taking advantage of all relevant allowances, investment of capital or excess earned income, providing for specific events i.e. school fees for children/grandchildren, retirement income, family wealth preservation i.e. tax savings for future generations via trusts and other IHT concessions

  • Your ability to provide sufficient capital or regular savings from earnings to provide sufficient funds to achieve your goals

  • Understanding the risks involved when making an investment – too little risk could involve insufficient growth and too much risk could prove unnerving as volatility is likely, albeit history teaches us that greater risk eventually leads to greater returns

  • Pension Draw Down – to ensure that income is available in a sustainable manner whilst providing the ability to maintain or grow capital a tailored portfolio structure should be pursued whereby near term funds aimed at providing this income should be lower risk - the balance that is to provide future income later may then be invested into more potentially profitable but higher risk funds

  • Ongoing reviews of your plan to ensure its on target – if it isn’t, some remedial changes might be required. It doesn’t pay to put your head in the sand as in our experience this can exacerbate the problem

If you haven’t made such a plan and would like help in formulating one please let us know and we will discuss the broad alternatives free of charge or commitment on your part