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What our Clients think of our Service

Mr C M -Draw Down Pension Client -Email response to current valuation
August 2017

This is great news.

Thank you.

Mr K H - Company Director
August 2017

To the guys at AC Financial,

I just would like to say, you will recall that I had a poor performing with profits fund; some 5 years ago you advised me to move my fund to a different platform.

As a cautious investor I did not wish to take too much risk, you suggested I spread my risk over a percentage of low, medium and some high risk investments, having reviewed my portfolio I am delighted to report that the fund has increased year on year over the past 5 years by an average of 10.4% a remarkable result. Thank you for your sound advice, advice that I will continue to seek.

Dr C A S
August 2016

I would like to thank you for the help and assistance AC Financial has provided over the years in tax saving advice and investment guidance for myself and my Company.

The investment of these funds has been further rewarded by their performance and your innovative Worst Performing Sector strategy, that forms part of my portfolio, has provided stellar returns since I have been investing.

Thank you again for all your help and wishing you continued success in the future.

Mr A B
11th January 2016

Anyway, thanks very much for the charts, they make interesting reading. You are right in that the investments have held up remarkably well given the global market fragilities. There is so much going on, that it seems impossible to get a handle on where it might lead. So basically well done and thank you.

Mrs M L T - Private Widowed Retired Client
5th November 2015

AC Financial has been my financial adviser for a number of years during which they have always been helpful in the advice and most prompt in answering my queries.

Regarding the advice, although I have chosen to invest mainly in low risk funds, my investments have on the whole continued to rise steadily in value even when the market is less favourable.

Mr D R
March 2008

Your well timed phone call saved me over £170,000!! – I would also like to thank you for all the excellent advice given to me over the past 3 years and in particular your help with helping me invest the proceeds from selling my business at the end of last year.

Saturday Telegraph Money

26 Oct 2005:

Nor is the importance of sector this year a one-off. A study of unit trusts over the past 25 years by financial adviser Stephen Charles, of AC Financial, shows that the worst managers in the best sectors have easily outshone the best managers in the worst sectors. Not even the best investors can buck a poor trend. Charles reckons a £1,000 investment rolled over into the best performing sector in each of the past 25 years would be worth £290,000 today while the same £1,000 in each year’s worst performer would have shrunk to just £385. We were asked to write an article for Saturday Telegraph Money and you may read both articles  Click here

Learn Money – ‘A popular financial web site’  November 2005

We wrote this article yesterday and having slept on it are starting to think that the research done by the fellas at AC Financial is one of the most important works on investment we've seen for a long time. Don't discount it because for those investors with a long term view, 5-10 years + (SIPP holders etc) it may lead to superior returns, returns which for most, even the professionals are not easy to obtain.


Investors Chronicle on ‘With Profit Funds’:

March 2008

Stephen Charles at IFA firm AC Financial says, of with profits products in general. "If the clients understand how they really work, they won’t buy them. As far as we can see they are dead in the water." Some observers even suggest the idea that the bonus units are guaranteed is a myth. The reason is that if an investor wants to cash in early, the life company will normally apply a downwards ‘market value adjustment’ (MVA) if the fund’s investment performance has not met expectations. For Mr Charles this makes with-profits "the worst of all worlds. You are not getting all of the upside, because of the smoothing, but if you try and cash in early, you are suffering the downside through the MVA. “It’s a nonsense".


The Times:

Sat 26 Feb 2000, Weekend Money Karen Woolfson Features,

But Mr Charles adds: “Some bonds are linked to very high risk indices such as the Nasdaq 100, which includes many tech stocks. They have performed fantastically but they are overvalued and if they get hit there will be a bloodbath’’. Between 1st March 2000 and the 1st August 2002 the Nasdaq did actually fall by 77%.